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“One night, my son’s Godmother saw Mo Collins on a news spot on Fox News.  She copied down the information and sent it to me.  I contacted Mr. Collins, shared my story and he not only embraced my son, he embraced the family.  Within weeks, my son was receiving contact from different schools.  Three weeks into our partnership, he was signing with a local DII school.  He continues to check up on my son’s progress both academically and athletically.  I whole heartedly recommend Mr. Collins and his program if you are in the recruiting process.”

Andrea Jonson

“Coach Collins it has been a pleasure to work with you. It is rare to find someone with as much dedication and genuine concern for all the young people you work with. I wish you and your organization continued success in improving the lives of young people.”

Philo Walker

“After having some the worst experiences with college recruiting and coaching during my daughter Alex's senior year we were at our wits end on helping her dreams become a reality. Then we entrusted her future to Coach Mo Collins he presented us with his vision to help student athletes get recruited and signed by colleges and universities that wouldn’t otherwise know these students existed. He was so knowledgeable on the process and all the questions that a parent could ever "need" an answer to. Needless to say out of the 5 seniors that graduated from her team she is the only one pursuing her dream as a student athlete. So what more can be said I trusted Coach Collins with one of my precious gifts and he helped her dreams become a reality at the University of Maine where she is a starter for the Lady Clippers Basketball team.”

Carmen Latimer and Alexandria Latimer (UMM)

I strongly feel that Mo Collins and the Ultimate College Recruiting Guide were the difference between my family paying for my son to attend college and my son receiving a track scholarship. The knowledge and understanding of the college recruiting process that Coach Collins provided made it a lot easier for us to identify potential schools, and helped us narrow down our choices to the one that best matched my son’s academic and athletic needs. He is now enrolled at East Carolina University, and I truly believe that he wouldn’t have ended up there if it wasn't for this program. I recommend that any high school student- athlete or parent that wants to be successful in the recruiting process read the Ultimate College Recruiting Guide written by Mo Collins

William Young

“After winning our state high school football championship, my son was getting lots of contact from colleges all across the country, but no serious scholarship offers, so I purchased the Ultimate College Recruiting Guide written by Mo Collins. After reading the section about the how to communicate with college coaches I was made aware of the importance of staying in touch with each school, and making sure that they had everything that they needed to evaluate my son. He was offered a full scholarship to play at a Division I-AA school in North Carolina, and he will sign his National Letter of Intent in February.”

Anthony Short

“As a former collegiate player, and current high school football coach, I have had several experiences in recruiting. During the past few years, I have been surprised to learn just how much parents and student-athletes actually don’t know about the recruiting process. The Ultimate College Recruiting Guide will guide you through each step of the college recruiting process, and help you to increase your chances of playing in college.”

E. Williams (High School Coach)

“As a college coach, I find recruiting student athletes easier when they and their families understand the process. The Ultimate College Recruiting Guide is the most up to date comprehensive recruiting guide on the market today, and it does a great job of breaking down the recruiting process and helps the student-athletes and their families make informed decisions.”

A. Rivens, (Assistant Football Coach Coastal Carolina University)

“Mo Collins just gets it. When it comes to college recruiting no one does a better job of breaking it down for parents and student-athletes. If your student-athlete has the potential to become a collegiate athlete then you need to get familiar with Mo Collins and The Ultimate College Recruiting Guide. Mo has lived this process and now has the dedication and knowledge to help your athlete understand and explore all of their opportunities to participate in college athletics.”

Leland Maddox (Former MLB Executive)

“I currently cover high school and college sports for ESPNU. During my career I have seen hundreds of high school athletes miss out on the college sports experience because they simply just didn’t understand the college recruiting process. The Ultimate College Recruiting Guide is filled with charts, websites, and helpful advice to help you successfully navigate through the recruiting process. Without a doubt, Mo Collins has developed a comprehensive recruiting guide that will benefit any student-athlete and their parents who desire to play college sports.”

Charles Arbuckle (ESPNU Sports Anchor)



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Meet Mo Collins:

Mo CollinsAs a high school football coach, former high school, college and NFL football player, I’ve experienced the recruiting process from all sides. I’ve seen it and I’ve lived it first-hand, unlike a lot of so-called recruiting experts out there selling books and holding seminars. The reason I wrote this book is because recruiting is a topic that I’m very passionate about. Also, I want every kid who has the desire to play college sports and to earn a free education to have a chance to do so.


Chapter Preview

Chapter Overviews:

TrackThe Ultimate College Recruiting Guide is the definitive manual on the recruiting process. It offers step-by-step instructions on how to earn that coveted athletic scholarship which so many high school student-athletes aspire to obtain. Included in the guide is essential inside information from Prepstar Magazine’s renowned regional scouting director “Mo” Collins – a former star player with the 1996 national college football champion University of Florida Gators,  1st round Draft pick and starting offensive lineman for pro football’s Oakland Raiders.

Partnering for Success:
There are three partners in the recruiting process – the student-athlete, the parent, and the coach. Each one has unique responsibilities. Understanding what those responsibilities are is crucial to a student-athlete reaching their goal of earning an athletic scholarship.

Qualities that High School & College Coaches Look For:

Mastering these factors will increase a Student-Athlete’s chance of earning significant playing time, and most important your coach’s trust and respect.

College Recruiting Myths vs. Fact:

With so much information out there it’s sometimes hard for young athletes to know what to believe. Misinformation, rumor, or just plain ignorance can doom a kid’s chances of reaching his or her goal of obtaining an athletic scholarship.

Playing Options After High School:

There are six different levels student-athletes can play on in college. Each division of the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA has its own requirements and eligibility standards that you should know. The Ultimate College Recruiting Guide breaks down each division and provides information to help you decide which level of collegiate sports is right for you. 

Establishing Your Eligibility:

Establishing eligibility is a part of the recruiting process that’s typically overlooked by student-athletes, parents, and coaches. Making sure a student-athlete is eligible to play on the college level requires preparation and the right information. This guide offers insight about all the key factors related to establish eligibility.

TrackTypes of Financial Aid:

Learn about the four most commonly used forms of financial aid used to offset the rising cost of college. Learn about the qualifications needed for financial assistance and learn how to increase your Student-Athlete’s chances of receiving maximum financial aid awards.  

The College Recruiting Process:
Just how does a student-athlete set him or herself apart from their peers and earn that coveted scholarship? How do you gain the attention of colleges? How well do you understand the recruiting process and when do you know if you’re being recruited? The answers to these questions are all addressed in this guide.

Setting Your Recruiting Value:

You cannot simply sit back and wait for colleges to find you. You have to get out and market your Student-athlete; let colleges know you’re out there; find ways to stand out among the millions of other student-athletes vying for that coveted athletic scholarship.

Signing Date:

This chapter provides you with the crucial details about the National Letter of Intent, which every student-athlete must sign before playing on the collegiate level.  It gives the student-athlete a clear understanding of the impact this letter has on their ability to play on the collegiate level, and what happens after they sign one. 

Words For The College Bound Student-Athlete:
The author gives a few words of encouragement and a big congratulations to the student-athlete. He also offers a personal challenge to the student-athlete to take full advantage of the college sports experience, and stresses to them the importance of continuing to make the same decisions that lead to them earning an Athletic Scholarship

Is This Book Written For You?

Why use the Ultimate College Recruiting Guide?

  1. Increase your chances of being recruited to play in college                                                          
  2. Gain a working knowledge of the College Recruiting Process
  3. Learn how to get College Coaches of your choice to contact you
  4. Know when you are being Recruited
  5. Learn what it takes to establish college eligibility
  6. Learn about a Student-Athlete’s options of playing on the collegiate level
  7. Increase your opportunities to receive Athletic Scholarships, Academic Scholarships, or Grants
  8. Avoid the classic mistakes that stop millions of high school student-athletes from getting recruited.
  9. Learn how to contact the College Program that best fits YOU!
  10. Write an effective cover letter and recruitment letter that will get you a positive response from your chosen colleges.
  11. Effectively present your academic and athletic records to college coaches.
  12. Learn the importance of being proactive in the recruiting process, and how to take control of your Student Athlete's athletic career
  13. Save Time & Money! By learning how to use the internet, social networking sites, and email to effectively distribute your student-athlete’s information.
  14. Learn the role of the Student-Athlete, Parents, and High School Coaches are in the recruiting process.
  15. Enjoy free e-book updates, newsletters, and on-going emails notifying you of relevant new services and products.

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